1. What amenities are offered at Blue River Estate?

Within the community is a unique, large, private park containing walking paths through natural hot-springs, waterfalls and the volcanic blue, Panjamos River .
Each property enjoys views of the volcanoes and is near two national parks.
Each property includes membership at the nearby Blue River Resort.

2. What part of Costa Rica is the Blue River Estate is located?

The Blue River Estate is located within the district of Dos Rios, in the province of Alajuela just a few kilometers past boundaries of the province of Guanacaste. On the map you’ll find beside Rincón de la Vieja National Park with its towering mountains overhead. There are several villages in close proximity, chief among them, Dos Rios. From the international airport in Liberia, the drive takes less than 1 ½ hours, mostly along well paved roads. Upala is another major city is that is approximately a 1 ½ hour drive away. The beaches of Guanacaste are approximately a 2 ¼ hour drive.

3. What are the attractions to this region for tourists and residents?

Views of volcanoes surround us. This area is lush, full of flora, fauna, rivers, natural mineral hot springs and water falls. In this part of Costa Rica the climate is more moderate, humid and lush. A fun-filled holiday can be enjoyed by experiencing the full range of eco-tourism activities. The advantage of Blue River Estate is that everything is close at hand. Nearby excursions include gorgeous waterfalls, hiking to the volcano, rappelling, zip lining, river rafting, horseback riding, bird watching and even farming. The region is full of fascinating nature explorations. There are several quaint towns with friendly, helpful people.
The Blue River Resort and Hot Springs will be an attraction in and of itself, with its one-of-a kind botanical and butterfly gardens, natural mineral hot springs and zoo. It’s a wonderful place for the children, the young and the young-at-heart.
This region is an unspoiled paradise that truly represents Costa Rica. The people are friendly. The surroundings c
ontain rolling farmland and lush rainforests. Eco-tourism is limitless. The climate is comfortable year-round, with sunny warm days and balmy star-studded nights.The Rincón Rainforest is Pre-montane Rainforest (Bosque Pluvial Premontano) at 900 meters down to Very Humid Rainforest (Bosque Muy Húmedo Tropical) at 200 meters in elevation. In generic terms, it is classical piedmont rainforest on volcanic foothill soils, receiving 4-5 meters of rain annually. This welcoming climate provides a home to at least 500 species of vertebrates, 3000 species of plants and many tens of thousands of species of insects, mites, fungi, bacteria, nematodes, spiders and protozoans.

4. Are there parks?

Within Blue River Estate subdivision, remains 27 acres of pristine parkland that runs along the volcanic blue river Penjamo. There are trails and a creek that is a natural mineral warm-water with a slide, waterfalls and pools that run into the river. There are also places along the river to swim.
Nearby Blue River Estate is Parque Nacional Rincón de la Vieja, with spectacular views of the volcanoes. Hiking to the waterfalls, natural hot springs and the volcanoes are popular activities.

5. Where are the best places to shop?

The cities of Liberia and Upala are the best places to shop. There are also smaller stores and bars in the surrounding villages.

6. Where is the closest International airport to Blue River Estate?

The Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia is approximately one and a half hour drive from Blue River Estate on a mostly paved, well-graveled road. Non-stop flights are available from most major cities in the USA and Canada.

7. Are transportation services available to Blue River Resort?

Regular public bus service travels between Liberia and Dos Rios.

8. Are there restrictions for non-Costa Rican nationals regarding ownership of property within the country?

Foreign buyers have the same rights as Costa Rican nationals when purchasing & owning real estate, with the exception of beachfront property. Beachfront/waterfront property is granted through concession by the government. All Blue River Estate home sites are outside the concession area.

9. Are there property management services for your home or home site available through Blue River Estate?

Yes. Property management services are available. Our staff can provide you with more information.

10. Is there a homeowners association for the entire community?

Yes, there is a Master Community Association that sets out the organizational structure, restrictions, fees and privileges.

11. What are the fees associated with the Association?

Initially a budget will be created for the Master Community Association. These include general maintenance budget for upkeep, taxes on common property, electricity & refuse. This structure will be fully set-out.

12. Is Blue River Estate a gated community?

Blue River Estate is not a guarded or gated community. Security is not an issue within the community. A fence delineates the perimeter of each property.

13. Are owners of property in Blue River Estate automatically members of the Blue River Resort?

Yes. All owners of a lot at Blue River Estate will receive a Premier Membership to all the facilities at Blue River Resort. This will apply to owners and designated guests. Facilities include natural hot-springs, spa, a zoo, botanical gardens and restaurants for owners and their designated guests. There is free admission, discounts associated for use of the restaurant and a booking agency available for excursions (i.e. horseback riding, outings to Caño Negro, the beach & volcanoes).

14. Are there fees associated with a membership to the Blue River Resort and Hot Springs?

Membership is included with the purchase of the lot, as defined in the Community Association Agreement.

15. Are telephone, internet and TV services available in Blue River Estate?

Yes. Currently this is available for set-up through satellite providers.

16. What is road access like?

From Liberia, most of the roads are well paved. From Dos Rios and inside the property the roads are gravel.

17. What restrictions are there for building homes?

The Blue River Estate is committed to the preservation of nature and maximizing the quality of the development by concerning itself with privacy and views of the volcano. The Community Association Agreement delineates restrictions with this in mind for the benefit of the entire community.

18. What are construction costs like?

Currently, to build a home the cost is approximately $800 per square meter. Further guidance is available upon request.

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